Summary of Essential Points Raised at Ekiti State 2015 Education Summit

1. The summit agreed that the funding of Education is no longer sole business of government, it was emphasised and agreed that Education funding be jointly addressed by all stakeholders in Ekiti (industries, government, parents, teachers and all well wishers in the society), in otherwords, Education funding has gone beyond government, it should be a cost sharing arrangement amongst all Education stakeholders in Ekiti.

2. It was emphasized that entrepreneurship education should be given priority in the curriculum of both primary and secondary school education.

3. It was established that teachers are the vehicle drivers therefore capacity building and retraining programmes for teachers cannot be compromised.

The summit agreed that teachers must be given high priority.

4. Parents were advised through the summit to inculcate high moral values to their wards so that they can continue to see the worth of education and improve their reading culture.

5. A call has gone out to all the officials of the ministry of education, the teaching service commission and all agencies of government that have something to do with education to intensify monitoring and inspection in schools.

6. Emphasis has also been laid on end of the term examination, that the promotion of our students from one class to another should be determined by the combination of continuous assessment test and end of session exam. First term is equally as important as 2nd term and second term is as important as 3rd term examinations.

7. Students on their parts also have been encouraged to desist from acts like cultism, thuggery and other vices that could label them as criminals.

Ekiti people should be seen as people who are disciplined, studious and of high integrity.