Snippets From February 2018 Edition of Meet Your Governor

I greet you all at home my people.

-I appreciate my people at home for their support, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. We are not done yet with the infrastructural development of Ekiti State, I am taking street light to Adebayo area of Ado-Ekiti soonest. I will work till the day am handing over the Prof. Kolapo Olusola by the grace of God.

-If my government is of the Lord, it will stand the test of time. I received the Silverbird “Man of the People” award in honour of the organisation. I have come first in many spheres of life, I dedicate the award to my wife and the good people of Ekiti.

-I accepted the award because it was necessary, those waiting for my downfall will wait in vain.

-There is nothing Progressive about the APC, they are in the real sense retrogressive, it is reckless for the former finance commissioner under Fayemi to charge Ekiti government to court not to be given the #11b refund, they are doing a disservice to the Ekiti people but we thank God that the court has turned them down, the court in Abeokuta said it lacks jurisdiction over the matter.

-I have not gotten the #11b refund but I tell you,  if I get it today,  it will be used to offset the salaries being owed workers.

-There was a meeting back then that Okadas be banned,  I told them expressly that I will never be a party to that. Under PDP,  petrol was sold for #87/litre,  today you can’t get it for #145, APC has only brought hardship on Nigerians. Crude oil price is on the rise, yet allocation to states is shrinking.

-APC has spent over #3 trillion on Boko Haram and insurgency, they want to take another $1b from the excess crude account. Transparency International has said the Buhari administration is very corrupt, that is why the #3 trillion is not translating into victory over Boko Haram.

-I am in court already, that money belongs to us all, the federal government alone can’t have it to itself,  we need our share of the money.  They might hate Ekiti because I am telling FG the truth but God will change this government and give peace unto Nigerians.

-The demolitions in some areas of the state is necessary so our state can have a facelift.  Those affected should not be offended, it is for the good of the society.  I have just demolished the house of Anisulowo’s mother against his wish, all affected should please forgive me, it is in the Ekiti interest.

-The weather forecast for this year is not favourable, the rain is coming with heavy wind, I was at Abe Cocoa area of Ado-Ekiti, a pastor sold waterways to unsuspecting citizens, I am not going to wait till they are killed by flood, the building on waterways must give way.

-I am not taking anybody’s land, tired buildings at the city centre have to give way for modern structures.

-The FG want states to do staff audit as part of conditions to be given budget support. We did staff audit at the beginning of this administration and we are satisfied with it, I don’t have the intention of sacking  anybody, what we are doing is headcount. If anybody asks you to bring certificates for verification,  that person is not from me.

-EKSU strike is regrettable but I urge them to show understanding,  I always table all accruals before leadership of the workers, I have been very transparent from day one.

-I support the peace process embarked upon by the leadership of the PDP, I appeal to other aspirants not to be offended by my support for Prof. Kolapo Olusola, I don’t want to be a hypocrite, that was why I didn’t wait till die minute before making my stand known.

-Women will be celebrated again this year in a grand style, all is set for the #20,000 for 10,000 Ekiti women I promised,  you will get the alert before March 8th which is the World Women’s Day.

-As an individual, I have the right to support whoever I deem fit, that does not take anything away from the contestant’s quality. The health rangers programme is continuous,  they are on two weeks’ break,  they will continue afterwards.

-I thank Ekiti people, I will continue to work for you with all my ability. God bless you all.

-Between now and Monday, there should be salary alert.