Office of the Deputy Governor

The Office of the Deputy Governor is an autonomous Department headed by His Excellency, the Deputy Governor and being assisted by his aides both political and the technocrats.

The office supervises the following Departments/Offices:

  • Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board
  • Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board
  • Boundary Commission
  • State Emergency Relief Agency

In the recent time, the Deputy Governor coordinates the activities of the Local Government Chairmen through the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Governments and Culture.


The following Departments exist within the Deputy Governor’s Office:

Protocol Department

This Department is headed by the Director of Protocol and assisted by the 4 other Protocol Officers. The Department is responsible for the general welfare of the Deputy Governor. Some of its functions includes:

  1. Supervision of both office/lodge.
  2. Making protocol arrangements of all the official assignments of the Deputy Governor.
  3. Making preparation/protocol arrangements for all the official touring of the Deputy Governor.
  4. Processing the financial requests of the office.
  5. Relating with appropriate government departments for the release of fund to the office.
Finance & Administration Department

This Department is headed by the P.A Admin/Director Finance and Administration. Under the supervision of the Director Of Protocol. Below are some of its functions:

  1. Coordination of all the activities of the staff of the office and the lodge.
  2. Writing of speeches and letters for His Excellency.
  3. Supervision of the Registry and Implementation of all policies of Government and general welfare of the staff. E.g Promotion, Appointments, Salaries etc.
  4. Oversees the activities of the Accounts Department.
  5. Attending to any other assignments as directed by His Excellency, the Deputy Governor.
Accounts Department

The Department has a Chief Accountant and other Senior Staff who reports to the DFA. It consists of Sections such as Other Charges, Salary Unit and Audit etc. the Department is responsible for all financial transaction in the office.

Press Department

The Department is headed by a Special Assistant (Media) who is a Political Office holder and assisted by a Press officer (career officer). The Department covers all Media/Social engagements of the Deputy Governor.

Political Department

The Department is headed by the Deputy Chief of Staff. Other Political Office holders in the Department include the Deputy Chief of Protocol, Special Assistant Media, Special Assistant Security, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistant Communication, Special Assistant Domestic, Special Assistant Political, One Protocol Officer and One Driver. They are all directly responsible to the Deputy Governor.

Security Department

The Department is in charge of the Security of the Deputy Governor and his aides. The security personnel include, the CIB, SSS, Civil Defense, Regular Police and Mobile Police etc.

Transport Section

This Section is headed by the Senior Works Superintendent under the supervision of both the Director of protocol and P.A. Admin. The Senior Works Superintendent is responsible for the maintenance of convoy vehicles and allocation of drivers to them.


The office is fairly staffed. We have the following categories of officer.

  1. Administrative Officers – 2
  2. Executive Officers – 4
  3. Secretarial Cadre – 11
  4. Press Crew – 6
  5. Executive Officer Accounts – 5
  6. Clerical Staff – 9
  7. Audit Department – 2
  8. Protocol Department – 2
  9. Laundry Department – 2
  10. Gardener – 6
  11. Catering – 10
  12. Messenger – 11
  13. Drivers – 18
  14. Temporary Staff – 2
  15. Store – 1
S/N Name Rank
1. Dr. Kolapo Olubunmi Olusola Deputy Governor
2. Mrs. Olubisi Akindele Permanent Secretary
3. Mr. Olaiyede Olunloyo S.A (Political)
4. Mr. Felix Ogunsakin Director of Protocol
5. Mrs. Ayodele A.Y DAS
6. Mrs. Adeleye E. A. DFA
7. Mr. Oyebode Oyetunde Dir. of Press
8. Mr. Oluwaseun Olusola P.A (Deputy Gov.)
9. Mr. Adelusi J.O CIA

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