Central Medical Store

The Central Medical Stores – Unified Drug Revolving Fund Scheme was established in 2005 as an autonomous body to Supply Drugs and Medical Consumables in a seamless manner through the Integrated Supply Chain System to Ekiti Health System. The Supply of Drugs and Consumables to Primary and Secondary Health Facilities was brought under the Central Control of Central Medical Stores and named Unified Drug Revolving Fund. The process of stocking and replenishment of expended stock through the CMS is known as CMS-UDRF.
The Central Medical Stores Services were extended to the private sector in 2008 with the establishment of the Mega Depot under the public private partnership. Today it has been expanded and created as a Drug Market. Over 45 reputable pharmaceutical companies participate in the market.
There are four departments as follows:

  1. Administration and Supplies
  2. Finance and Accounts
  3. Store
  4. Depot
    The Affiliated Agencies are: Ministry of Health, Health Management Board, Public Health Institutions and Private Health Institutions.

Our Vision

Establishment of sustainable best practices in procurement, warehousing and distribution of quality drugs and medical supplies on behalf of the government through an efficient service delivery system for maximum client satisfaction

Our Mission

Ekiti State CMS-UDRF operates an efficient and effective world class medicine and medical device supply chain system driven by the implementation of NIS-ISO 9001-2008 to ensure customers satisfaction.
We consistently provide genuine products and services that meet all quality standards and continually improve the effectiveness of our system to ensure that our products and services are available, affordable, accessible and acceptable.
Consequently, we engage highly motivated and constantly trained personnel that work with best practices in a conducive environment

The CMS-UDRF is comprised of the UDRF section which is responsible for the supply of Drugs and medical consumable to public health institutions and the Mega Depot which is caring for drugs supply to the private sector.

On-Going Projects

Seamless supply of Drugs and Medical Consumables to all public Health Institutions and Private Health Institutions.

Name Designation
Pharm.(Barr) P. O. Olagija General Manager
Phar. C. F. Oloniyo Manager, UDRF/IT
Pharm. P. B Ejimoku Manager, Mega Depo
Mr. A. E. Osunleye Director, Admin. & Supply
Mrs. F. A. Anjorin store Officer
Mr. M. O. Bello Director, Finance & Account
Mrs. A. Olatuyi Internal Auditor