Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education

Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education

The Agency is divided into: Mass Literacy and Women Education; Continuing Education; Planning, Research and Statistics; Administration and Supply; Finance and Accounts.

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Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education

Phase II, New Secretariat Complex, Ado-Ekiti

Our Vision

Eradication of illiteracy for national development

Our Mission

To initiate policies, develop and disseminate teaching strategies and coordinate, monitor and standardize the implementation of mass literacy delivery through networking and forging delivery through Local and international stakeholders for the purpose of achieving EFA goals.


  1. Organization and implementation of Basic and Post literacy Programmes.
  2. Organization and implementation of Continuing Education Programmes.
  3. Supervision, monitoring and regulation of the operations of Private CECs.
  4. Establishment, supervision and monitoring of Functional/Vocational Centres..
  5. Implementation of Early Child Care Development Programme.
  6. Training of Adult Literacy Instructors.
  7. Development of literacy curriculum and preparation of annual estimates.
  8. Development of literacy curriculum and preparation of annual estimates.
  9. Literacy delivery through Literacy-by-Radio.
  10. Coordinating the State Government Free JAMB Programme for eligible candidates.


Name Designation
            –                  –
Mr. H.O. Kolade Admin. Secretary
Mrs. R.A. Akilo Director Continuing Education
Dr. J.B. Adeyemo Director Planning, Research and Statistics
Mr. A.A. Samo Director Mass Literacy and Women Education
Mr. R.B. Babatunde Director Administration and Supply
Mr. J.O. Adeniyi Director Finance & Account
Name Designation Period
Mr. G.O. Adaran Ex. Director 1996 – 2003
Chief .O. Alade Ex. Secretary 2003 – 2004
Chief .R. Fakiyesi Ex. Secretary 2004
Mrs. H.O. Akande Ex. Secretary 2005 – 2006
Mr. A.O. Olaiya Ex. Secretary 2006 – 2009
Chief D.O. Adeyanju Ex. Chairman 2010 – 2014