Board For Technical Education

The Ekiti State Board for Technical and Vocational Education (BTVE) was established by an Edict in 1998 upon the directive of the Federal Government.

Contact Details

Chairman of BTVE

0815 694 8480

Administrative Secretary

0815 694 8480

Corporate Affairs & Technological Services

0706 622 6188

Our Goals

Ekiti State Board for Technical and Vocational Education in conjunction with National Policy on Education (NPE) states the goals and objectives of education in general and those of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) in particular. TVE is designed to meet the following needs of the Nigerian Society among others:

  • To train individuals in the use of both brains and hands to produce profitable goods and services.
  • To produce Craftsperson/Technicians who will practice their skills in doing the jobs designed by /Engineers and interpreted by Technologists.
  • To produce individuals who will acquire skills in various trades for career development and educational advancement.
  • To the above, BTVE added to train willing individuals who wanted to learn.

Board’s Accomplishment:

  • BTVE Board members are engaged in program of sensitization through community groups, place of worship and the secondary schools.
  • BTVE conducted summer Holiday Camp where 614 secondary school students were trained in various crafts such as Mat-Weaving, Garment Weaving, Textile Batik at Ikole, Ado and Ikere.
  • Engaging BTVE students to renovation of GTC Administrative facility in Otun to the tune of N3.5 million naira.
  • BTVE engaged the students to construct 420 pairs of combination chairs and lockers for their own use.
  • BTVE obtained re-accreditation for two courses in Ikole and one course in Ado from National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
  • Cooperation between Ekiti State Government and BTVE on re-current grants to run the GTC effectively.

Functions Of The Board

  • To manage the affairs of Technical Colleges and Vocational Education Centers in the State.
  • To ensure that all policies on Technical and Vocational Education given by the Federal and State Governments are fully implemented by the Board.
  • To ensure that courses of instructions given in the Technical Colleges/Vocational Centers conform to Federal and State policies on Technical and Vocational Education and at the same time satisfy the prescribed requirement and standards.
  • To appoint (where applicable), promote, transfer, discipline and implement other conditions of service and emoluments for all categories of staff of the Board and TechnicalColleges as applicable in other arms of the public services in the State.
  • To prepare salaries and allowances of the staff of the Board and ensure payment.
  • To acquire any equipment, materials, furniture and other properties required for the purpose of the Board and to maintain any premise forming part of the Board.
  • To engage in such other ventures/activities that is capable of boosting the revenue of the TechnicalColleges and VocationalCenters.
  • To carry out all such activities and things that is necessary for the good governance, control and administration of the Board and the management of the assets of the Board.
  • To perform other functions as may be assigned to the Board by the Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology and the Executive Governor