Enterprise and Economic Development Agency

The Agency was set up by law Number 2 of 2007 as passed by the State House of Assembly. It was set up to encourage, promote and coordinate investment activities in the state with a view to stimulating economic growth of the State and to form a veritable platform for interaction between the investing public and the State Government with the aim of improving the quality of lives of the citizenry through the creation of wealth


  • To contribute to the sustainable development of Ekiti State through generation of profitable investments, maximization of return on investments and acting as a catalyst for investments.
  • To support the state government’s key goals of employment in the quality of life of citizenry.

Priorities – Big Projects

Main priorities will be to focus on the rapid industrialisation of the state through 3 major approaches:

  • Resuscitation of all moribund industries scattered across the state.
  • Optimisation of the output of the ones operational currently for maximum impact.
  • Setting up of new large scale industries in strategic areas of the state.

Other Priorities

  • Setting up centres for entrepreneurial development
  • Establishment of industrial parks and enterprise zones
  • Establishment of vocational training and development centres
  • Hosting of local and international business summit and Expos
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Our Vision

To be a vehicle of sustainable economic development of Ekiti State with a view to positioning the State amongst the most developed state in the country.

Our Mission

To act as an economic catalyst stimulating real and sustainable rapid industrialization of the state, thereby creating opportunities for the wealth creation for the citizens and economic growth for the state.


  • Coordinate and monitor all enterprise promotion activities in the state.
  • Initiate and provide support measures that will enhance the investment climate in the state for all categories of investors.
  • Promote investments inside and outside the state through effective promotional means
  • Identify specific projects and secure interested investors for such projects
  • Provide input into government policies on industrialisation
  • Disseminate information about investment opportunities in the state to all stake holders.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability: our initiatives and interventions shall have long term focus though with immediate benefits.
  • Equity: we shall be fair to all areas of the state in terms of distribution of assets and opportunities
  • Transparency: our activities shall be carried out at all times in a transparent manner
  • Professionalism: we shall discharge our responsibilities in a highly professional way

Our Operating Strategies

  • Effective partnership: public- private partnership, and partnering with international development agencies.
  • Core of highly professional, competent and motivated staff
  • Simple but highly effective business process that will be ICT driven

Ekiti State Enterprise and Economic Development Agency,

3rd Floor Mutual House, by Governor’s Office,

Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria | Tel: + 2348025045064

Email: saiyeleso@ekitistate.gov.ng, eedainfo@ekitistate.gov.ng

Website: www.ekitistate.gov.ng