Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

This ministry is the organ of government that is charged with the responsibility of implementing educational policies of the government and ensure a conducive teaching and learning environment. As a result of this, the ministry has a vision and mission statement.


To provide affordable, qualitative, functional and sustainable education for enlightenment and enterprise.


  1. To ensure quality and functional education through sound policy formulation and implementation, efficient school monitoring, provision of conducive environment and regular capacity building of personnel.

  2. In order to achieve this vision and mission statements, the ministry has eight parastatals each of which is saddled with different responsibilities while the main ministry has eight departments.


The State Commissioner is the Chief Executive of the Ministry while the Permanent Secretary is the Administrative Head and the Accounting Officer. There are eight departments of which has definite functions different from each other, but all the departments work together to achieve the mission and vision on Education.

The Ministry is currently structured into nine (9) Departments as follows:

  1. Administration and Supplies
  2. Finance and Accounts
  3. Planning, Research and Statistics
  4. Schools
  5. Evaluation and Standard
  6. Inspectorate
  7. Tertiary
  8. School Sports
  9. Science,Technology and Mathematics

Affiliated Agencies:

  1. Scholarship Board;
  2. Education Trust Fund;
  3. School Agriculture and Enterprise Agency (SAEA);
  4. Library Board;
  5. Board for Technical & Vocational Education (BTVE); and
  6. Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education (AANF).

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Procurement of 1,000 nos furniture items to public Schools in Ekiti State.
  2. Renovation of Girls’ Hostel at Government Science College, Emure Ekiti.
  3. Renovation of Laboratory at Osi Community High School, Osi Ekiti.
  4. Renovation of Examination hall at Government College, Efon-Alaaye.
  5. Renovation of 5 blocks of three classrooms with one office at Osi Community High School, Osi Ekiti.
  6. Renovation of a block of two classrooms with a buttery at Osi Community High School, Osi Ekiti.
  7. Renovation of Boys’ Hostel at Government Science College, Iyin Ekiti.

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
1. Dr. Obaisi F. Adekunbi (Mrs) Permanent Secretary
2. M.A. Ajimati (M) Director Of Education
3. R.F. Ayeleso (Mrs) Director Of Education
4. L.O. Oguntimehin (M) Director of Education
5. Owolabi Joseph Bamidele (M) Director of Education
6. Ayodele Ogungbe (M) Director of Education
7. O.T. Ojo (M) Director of Education
8. Adeloye Adeyinka (M) Director of Education
9. Y.F. Aladesuru (Mrs) Director of Education
10. A.l. Akeredolu (Mrs) Director of Education
11. Fadeyi Lawrence Olu (Mrs) Director of Education
12. J.O. Ajibola (M) Director of Education
13. Dr. A.G. Osundare (Mrs) Director of Education
14. E.A. Daramola (M) Director of Education
15. J.O. Jemilehin (M) Director of Education
16. B.E. Familoni (M) Director of Education
17. B.B. Olaiya (M) Director of Education
18. K.O. Ayegbusi (Mrs) Director of Education
19. S.O. Ajiboye (M) Director of Education
20. R.A. Adeniyi (M) Director of Education
21. Akinyemi Olayinka (M) Director of Education
22. B.F. Aladelokun (Mrs) Director of Education
23. E.A. Fasanmi (Mrs) Director of Education
24. J.A. Awoniyi (M) Director of Education
25. F.I. Adeyemo (Mrs) Director of Education
26. R.M. Animasahun (Mrs) Director of Education
27. Bamikole christianah Abimbola (Mrs) Director of Education

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
1. Olaseni Adenike Olubodun (Mrs) Director of Admin and Supplies
2. J.O. Oyewole (M) Deputy Director of Education
3. A.O. Akanbi (M) Deputy Director of Education
4. A.E. Aribisala (M) Deputy Director of Education
5. J.O. Owoeye (M) Deputy of Director Education
6. Adameji Samson Oba (M) Deputy Director of Education
7. G.A. Bello (M) Deputy Director Of Education
8. Akinwumi Ezekiel O. (Mrs) Deputy Director of Education
9. Teniola M.A. (M) Deputy Director of Education
10. Olotu Joel.O. (M) Deputy Director of Education
11. Ojumatimi Samson S. (M) Deputy Director of Education
12. Bello Adebisi (Mrs) Deputy Director of Education
13. M.B. Adaran (Mrs) Deputy Director of Education
14. Babalotin E.S. (M) Deputy Director of Education
15. P.T.E. Adesina (M) Deputy Director of Education
16. Ojo Oladapo Toyin (M) Deputy Director of Education
17. Teniola Micheal Aduralere (M) Deputy Director of Education
18. A.O. Fasina (M) Deputy Director of Education
19. Adeluyi Femi Olusola (Mrs) Deputy Director of Education
20. O.R. Ajayi (M) Deputy Director of Education
21. M.O. Omolayo (M) Deputy Director of Education
22. Adeyinka Adebayo (M) Deputy Director of Education
23. Olawale Olaleye (M) Deputy Director of Education
24. A.O. Babalola (M) Deputy Director of Education

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
1. Kolade R.E. (Mrs) Chief Confidential Secretary
2. P.I. Omotoye (M) Assistant Director
3. Bamisaye I.B. (M) Assistant Director
4. Olofin T.A. (Mrs) Assistant Director
5. Oluwayemi Akanbi Emmanuel (M) Assistant Director
6. P.E. Ojareche (M) Assistant Director
7. O. Ogunniyi (M) Assistant Director
8. M.T. Olasebikan (Mrs) Assistant Director
9. L.O. Omokanju (Mrs) Assistant Director
10. Charles O. Owojuyigbe (M) Assistant Director
11. Alokan Adegboyega(M) Assistant Director
12. Ayodele L. Oke (M) Assistant Director
13. E.T. Adeyemi (Mrs) Assistant Director
14. Bello Alimotu Oladunni (Mrs) Assistant Director
15. Adebayo M.A. (Mrs) Assistant Director
16. Oni Patrick O. (M) Assistant Director
17. Comfort M. Oluyede (Mrs) Assistant Director

18. Janet F. Adeniyi (Mrs) Assistant Director
19. A.O. Akinola (M) Assistant Director
20. M.O. Adeyeye (M) Assistant Director
21. Oloko Taiwo (Mrs) Assistant Director
22. Moses Babatope Olayemi (M) Assistant Director
23. Taiwo H. Adesina (M) Assistant Director
24. J. Taiwo Bamigboye (M) Assistant Director
25. Kayode A. Adepoju (M) Assistant Director
26. M.T. Osatoyinbo (Mrs) Assistant Director
27. Peter Ajisafe Tope (M) Assistant Director
28. M.O. Fakorede (Mrs) Assistant Director
29. A.O. Owolabi (Mrs) Assistant Director
30. M. Idowu Buraimoh (M) Assistant Director
31. A.P. Erinfolami (M) Assistant Director
32. L.M. Ajayi (Mrs) Assistant Director
33. Helen Olufunmi Falade (Mrs) Assistant Director
34. Fajulugbe A.A. (M) Assistant Director

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
35. Amire A.F. (M) Assistant Director
36. Kehinde A.A. (M) Assistant Director
37. Akande O.J (M) Assistant Director
38. Emmanuel Ayorinde Akindele (M) Assistant Director
39. Alokan B.O.F. (Mrs) Assistant Director
40. Williams Rotimi Ojo (M) Assistant Director
41. Ahmed A.J. (M) Assistant Director
42. Adeyemo Kehinde Lola (Mrs) Assistant Director
43. Adomoisu B.W. (M) Assistant Director
44. Jamiu A. Baki (M) Assistant Director
45. Omotoye Peter Ilesanmi (M) Assistant Director
46. Lawal Ganiyu Adelabu (M) Assistant Director
47. Adewunmi Isreal Boluwaji (M) Assistant Director
48. M.A Adebayo-Clement (Mrs) Assistant Director
49. Olayode I.O. (Mrs) Assistant Director
50. Ayeni Omotayo O. (M) Assistant Director
51. M.S. Fatoba (M) Assistant Director
52. O. Eweje (M) Assistant Director
53. Ileola Ayoola O. (M) Assistant Director
54. Alaketu F.G. (Mrs) Assistant Director
55. Ayeni Dairo (M) Assistant Director
56. E.B. Ogunjesa (M) Assistant Director
57. Fagbuyiro M.T. Assistant Director
58. T.P. Ajayi (M) Assistant Director
59. Akinyemi Adenike A. (Mrs) Assistant Director
60. Dr. O. Onipede Assistant Director
61. M.O. Ayeni (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer
62. Adepoju E.O. (Mrs) Chief Assistant Education Officer
63. E.O. Arokodare (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer
64. O.K. Babalola (Mrs) Chief Assistant Education Officer
65. A.A. Adeniyi (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer
66. G.A.Lawal (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer
67. A.B. Banji-Ojo (Mrs) Chief Assistant Education Officer
68. Olujobi Matthew Adefemi (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer
69. Oriowo J.K. (M) Chief Assistant Education Officer

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
1. Ajibola E. Ayodeji (M) Assistant Chief Accountant
2. Adepoju Emmanuel Olusesan (M) Assistant Chief Exec.(Acct)
3. Saliu Tijani Babatunde (M) Assistant Chief Exec.(Acct)
4. Ogunruku O.A. (Mrs) Assistant Chief Store Officer
5. Aribatise M.O. (Mrs) Chief Catering Officer
6. Teniola Isaac O. (M) Chief Education Officer
7. S.A. Aladeseru (M) Chief Education Officer
8. O.O. Olaiya (M) Chief Education Officer
9. O.O. Agbeleye (M) Chief Education Officer
10. B.A. Afolabi (M) Chief Education Officer
11. A.K. Olanlege (M) Chief Education Officer
12. V.I. Williams (M) Chief Education Officer
13. A.G. Onipede (M) Chief Education Officer
14. K.C.Olajuteri (M) Chief Education Officer
15. Omojola O.A. (M) Chief Education Officer
16. Omotoso Fisayo Lydia (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
17. A.O. Olaolurun (M) Chief Education Officer
18. R.O. Olatoye Chief Education Officer
19. Samuel O. Abodunde (M) Chief Education Officer
20. Adegun Samuel O. (M) Chief Education Officer
21. Idowu Ogundipe (M) Chief Education Officer
22. Pius A. Olebe (M) Chief Education Officer
23. T.O. Fajana (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
24. O.S. Oguntusi (M) Chief Education Officer
25. K.A. Oluwatoki (M) Chief Education officer
26. Rotimi E. Ilesanmi (M) Chief Education Officer
27. Bayode Ogunmola (M) Chief Education Officer

Principal Officers

S/N Name Designation
28. Odeyemi M. (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
29. Ayodele M.O. (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
30. Amogbonjaye Felicia Bola (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
31. Ajirootu Joseph Ojo (M) Chief Education Officer
32. Oguntuyi Ojo Ebenezer (M) Chief Education Officer
33. Salako Isreal J. (M) Chief Education Officer
34. Akinola A.O. (M) Chief Education Officer
35. O.T. Akomolade (M) Chief Education Officer
36. Owoyomi Kayode (M) Chief Education Officer
37. Opeyemi Grace (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
38. Olulegan Jacob A. (M) Chief Education Officer
39. Faokunla Olusola B. (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
40. Chiyere Angela Obiakisi (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
41. Olujobi M.O. (Mrs) Chief Education Officer
42. Obawumi Isaac A. (M) Chief Education Officer
43. Omotola Ezekiel Omotunla (M) Chief Education Officer
44. Adeola Babalola (M) Chief Information Officer
45. F.E. Olaopa (Mrs) Assistant Chief Confidential Secretary
46. Mr. I.J. Salaoka (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
47. E.A. Jegede (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
48. J.K. Owoyomi (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
49. O.E. Oguntuyi (Mrs) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
50. S.M.A. Adeyeye (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
51. A.T. Alegbeleye (Miss) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
52. Awobusuyi Folasade M. (Mrs) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
53. T.O. Faleye (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
54. I.M. Odeleye (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
55. S.O. Abiola (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
56. A.O. Ogunleye (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer
57. J.O. Bamise (M) Deputy Chief Assistant Education Officer