Central Medical Store


  1. To provide genuiue products and services that meet all quality standards and continually improve the effectiveness of system.
  2. To ensure that our products and services are available, affordable, accessible and acceptable.
  3. To provide evidence base on leadership and policy direction for the improvement of Health status of Ekiti people.
  4. To provide an enabling enviroment that ensures a qualitative and affordable health care in Ekiti State.
  5. To ensure equitable access to essential equipment and infrastructure for qualitative health care delivery.


Ekiti State CMS-UDRF run a medicine and medical device supply chain system.

  1. We operate an efficient and effective world class system that is driven by the implementation of NIS ISO 9001-2008 to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. The CMS-UDRF was established by the State Goverment to ensure availability of quality medicine, pharmaceutical and hospital consumable to the citizen of Ekiti State at affordable price without stress. It is a cost recovery system, embark upon as an answer to the perennial problems of stock syndrome wide spread fake and counterfeit drugs, consumable and poor patronage of health facilities.
  3. The programme as it is currently being operated was started after a need assessment conducted by PATHS, DFID early 2004 in collaboration with all stakeholders, State Government, LGAs, Communities, other development parner and private sectors.
  4. For efficient and effective service delivery in the drug management system, CMS-UDRF has an intergrated supply chain system in that procurement, warehousing and distribution subsystems are domicile in the CMS. these had thus ensured value for money, reduced wastages and losses and an institutionalized sustainable drug management system which strengthens the Health Care Delivery Services in the State.
  5. The services of the CMS-UDRF/Mega Depot now extend to the private sectors through a PPP initiative process. The goals are to check the circulation of fake, substandard, counterfeit and adulterated drugs thereby eliminating treatment failure all pharmaceutical suppliers key into the system.

  • To create an independent unified Drugs Revolving Fund (UDRF) to state and LGAs.
  • To store and disribute to State Primary Health care and secondary Healthcare, institutions as well as the Private Healthcare providers with drugs, consumables and medical suppliers.
  • Procuring in a transparent manner all needed pharmacueticals items required by neighboring states i.e serving as a drug mart for other states.
  • Strengthened in a efficient manner all pharmaceutical items so that the working capital of UDRF is protected.
Name Designation
Pharm. Oyeniran M.O. Principal Pharmacist
Pharm. Oreyemi O.B. Senior Pharmacist
Mrs. Oladeji F.F. Chief Executive Officer.(ACCTS)
Mr. Akinpelu A.T Principal Executive Officer.(GD)
Mrs. Olowolafe B.A. principal Store Officer
Mr. Awodumila A.E Principal Executive Officer.(CIA)