Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice represent the people of Ekiti State in Civil and Criminal matters before trail Courts: Federal and State High Court, the of Appeal and Supreme Court of Nigeria. The Ministry of Justice also serves as Legal Counsel to State agencies, boards and commissions.

The Ministry of Justice also assists Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in the administration of Justice. As a leading institution in the judicial sector, the Ministry provides leadership, information and educational support to the justice system so that crime is reduced; this shall in turns foster quick accessibility and dispute resolution.

The vision of the Ministry of Justice is to transform the Justice system so that it reflects the basic constitutional ideals.

The System of Justice that we envision will:

  • Provide fair and equal access to Justice for all persons in Ekiti State.
  • Ensure Justices processes that are fast, effective and as cheap as possible. They should also be sensitive to the needs of all users, and understandable to all user.
  • Provide Legal services to the government that are efficient and cost effective. This means that the present frameworks will have to be simplifies and made more efficient, more and more sensitive to peoples different needs.
  • Be able to gain the confidence of the public in the administration of Justice.

Our vision is reinforced in the identification of the six Key Result Areas. These are areas we will be concentrating on in our transformation process. They are:

  • An integrated, efficient and represent Ministry of Justice.
  • Safety, Security and freedom from crime for everybody.
  • Fair and equal access to Justice for all, taking into account the diversity of peoples needs.
  • Effective and efficient human resources development systems.
  • Strengthening courts and other structure administering Justice without compromising.


The Ministry of Justice has the following agenda;

  • Develop and maintain an efficient, accessible, responsive, humane, Accountable and user-friendly system for administering Justice and State legal affairs.
  • Exercise its administrative power and perform its duties and functions in an efficient manner. this will ensure that mechanisms are always in place to uphold justice.
  • Provide Legal and Legislative Services to the Government in a cost effective and efficient way.
  • Promote Justice, fairness and human dignity.
  • Uphold the Constitution and rule of law.
  • Incorporate and Expand Community participation in the administration of Justice.
Designation Name
Office of the Hon. Attorney General Bar. Owoseni Ajayi
Office of the Solicitor General & Permanent Secretary Mr Ojo L.B.
Department of civil Litigation Mr S.B.J. Bamise
Department of Law Review Mr. A.O. Familoni
Department of Legal Drafting & Corporate Law Mr. E.O. Akomolafe
Department of Public Presecution Mr. Gbemiga Adaramola
Department of Citizen’s Rights Mr. A.E. Akpan
Department of Administrator General & Public Trustee Mr. A.A. Morakinyo
Department of Law Reform and Statistic Mr. S.O. Alabi
Department of Administration and Supplies Mr S.O. Omotade
Department of Finance and Account Mr Bamikole M.O.