Ekiti State Government


The Local Government is basically aganan with people cultivating root crops and grains e.g. yams, cassava, maize, rice e.t.c. There are a few cottage industries in the Local Government devoted primarily to processing of agricultural produce. Other Industrial undertakings are in the area of printing , bakeries, weaving, carpentry e.t.c.

The thriving industries in the local government include Timber/Saw mills which include Ido-Ekiti Sawmill, Ora-Ekiti Sawmill, Usi-Ekiti Sawmill, and Osi-Ekiti Sawmill; Bakeries which include Negro Special Bread, Bejisko Bakery, Ona Ara Bakery, and Osi Ekiti Bakery; Banks which include UBA Usi-Ekiti, First Bank Ifaki-Ekiti, Harvest Bank Ido-Ekiti, Micro Bank Ayetoro, Skye Bank Ido-Ekiti and Enterprise Bank Ido-Ekiti; Printing Press which include Ade Commercial Press Ido-Ekiti, Jolayemi Printing Press Usi-Ekiti and Adedayo Printing Press Ifaki-Ekiti. All the towns in the Local Government enjoy electricity although very unreliable in supply.

Each of the towns in the Local Government Area has cultural festivals which are celebrated at different times of the year. For instance, the Ifaki people have the Okorobo Festival.

Name of Settlement
  • Ajowa, Ido Ekiti
  • Odo-Oba
  • Igbo Ata
  • Ilodu
  • Agunrin
  • Ipepe
  • Asure
  • Akunmopeye
  • Odo Esi
  • Adata
  • Aba Igbira, Ado Road
  • Aba Igbira, Esure Road
  • Alepupa
  • Ologun
  • Aba Gara, Igogo Road
  • Aba Asao
  • Sakete
  • Sajuku
  • Elegbeyin
  • Oladele
  • Isao
  • Orisamila
  • Abasanya
Ilogbo Ekiti
  • Oko Odoroye
  • Osomo
  • Ifefe
  • Eleta
  • Itaewu
  • Akese
  • Eliju
  • Abalure
  • Ugbo Ogbe
  • Oko Abadofin
Usi Ekiti
  • Borisade Farm Settlement
  • Oke Egan
  • Eforo
  • Ogudu
  • Ugbo Ore
  • Akurupa
Orin Ekiti
  • Orin Farm Settlement
Ifisin Ekiti
  • Aba Ilupo
  • Igun
Osi Ekiti
  • Oke – Eniju
  • Areni
  • Oke Eniju
  • Oke Esi
Igbole Ekiti
  • Okefolo Camp
Odo-Ora Ekiti
Oke –Ora Ekiti
Ilogun Ekiti
Aaye Ekiti

There are 51 public primary schools, 16 private nursery/primary schools, 16 public secondary schools and 4 private secondary schools in the local government.

Public Primary School

  1. St. John’s Ang. Pry Schl Ido
  2. Omodewa Comm. Pry Schl Ido
  3. St. Benedict’s Cath. Pry Schl Ido
  4. A.U.D. Pry Schl Ido
  5. C.A.C. Pry Schl Oke Isegun Ido
  6. Odo-Ido Comm. Pry Schl Ido
  7. C.A.C. Pry Schl Oke Aanu Ido
  8. The Apostolic Pry Schl Ido
  9. St. David’s Ang. Pry Schl Ido
  10. St. Mich. Ang. Pry Schl Ido
  11. Methodist Pry Schl Ido
  12. St. Joseph’s Cath Pry Schl Usi
  13. St. Andrew’s Ang. Pry Schl Usi
  14. C.A.C. Pry Schl Usi
  15. A.U.D. Pry Schl Usi
  16. A.U.D. Pry Schl Usi
  17. St. Mary’s Cath Pry Schl Ilogbo
  18. St. John’s Ang Pry Schl Ilogbo
  19. St. John’s Ang Pry Schl Ilogbo
  20. Methodist Pry Schl Ilogbe Ifaki
  21. St. Brigis’s Cath. Pry Schl Ifaki
  22. St. Paul’s C.A.C. Pry Schl Ifaki
  23. St. Michael’s Ang. Pry Schl Ifaki
  24. A.U.D. Pry Schl Ifaki
  25. Methodist Pry Schl Ifaki
  26. St. Peter’s C/S Pry Schl Ifaki
  27. St. John’s Cath. Pry Schl Orin
  28. Methodist Pry Schl Orin
  29. S. Stephen’s Ang. Ora
  30. Methodist Pry Schl Ora
  31. Methodist Pry Schl Aaye
  32. Methodist Pry Schl Aaye
  33. Community Pry Schl Ifisin
  34. St. Michael’s Cath Pry Schl Osi
  35. St. Paul’s Ang. Pry Schl Osi
  36. Methodist Pry Schl Osi
  37. S.D.A Pry Schl Aiyetoro
  38. St. Joseph’s C.A.C Aiyetoro
  39. The Apostolic Pry Schl Aiyetoro
  40. St. Charles’ Cath. Pry Schl Ayetoro
  41. C.A.C. Pry Schl Osi
  42. Subeb Model N/P Schl Ido
  43. Community Pry Schl Ifaki
  44. Community Pry Schl Ajowa Ido
  45. Community Pry Schl Ikole Ifaki
  46. Community Pry Schl ‘B’ Igbole
  47. Nomadic Pry Schl Usi
  48. A.U.D. Pry Schl Usi
  49. C.A.C. Pry Schl Orin
  50. St. David’s C/S Pry Schl Usi

Public Secondary Schools

  1. Ifaki Grammar School, Ifaki
  2. Oganganmodu Grammar School, Ido
  3. Methodist Comprehensive High School, Ido
  4. Notre-Dam High School, Usi
  5. Ora Community College, Ora
  6. Ekiti Parapo College, Ido
  7. Osi Community College, Ido
  8. Elo High Schl, Aiyetoro
  9. Ekiti State Government College, Usi
  10. Ifisin Grammar School, Ifisin
  11. Ojo-Ugbole High School Usi
  12. Orin High School Orin
  13. Usi High School Usi
  14. Methodist Girls’ High School Ifaki
  15. Ilogbo High School, Ilogbo
The public medical centers in the Local Government Area are:

  • Ayodele Clinic & Ultrasound
  • Basic Health Centre Ido Ekiti
  • Basic Health Centre Ilogbo Ekiti
  • Basic Health Centre Usi Ekiti
  • Comprehensive Health Centre Usi Ekiti
  • Federal Model Centre Ilogbo Ekiti
  • Basic Health Centre Ayetoro
  • Basic Health Centre Igbole
  • Basic Health Centre Osi
  • Basic Health Centre Ifaki
  • Basic Health Centre Orin
  • Basic Health Centre Ora
  • Basic Health Centre Ifishin
  • Basic Health Centre Aaye
  • General Hospital Ifaki
  • Federal Model Health Centre Ayetoro
  • Federal Model Health Centre Osi
  • Federal Model Health Centre Usi

The Private Medical Centers in Ido-Osi Local Government Area are:

  1. Federal Medical Centre, Ido Ekiti
  2. Folasade Clinic