Historical Background

Ayede Ekiti was founded circa 1845 AD by a powerful warrior, Generalizimo of Iye-Ekiti and a mercenary of Ibadan kingdom named ATTA ESHUBIYI.

Ayede as the name implies ‘GLOBE HAS LANDED’ comprises of people from all over the nation of Nigeria, most especially people from old Oyo empire, Ibadan kingdom, Nupe, Eku-Iyagda present day Kogi and Ondo States, Benin Kingdom, Benin City and people from all over Ekiti.

As a matter of historical fact Ayede-Ekiti was a military regiment and a battalion barracks for Yoruba Kingdom under Atta Esubiyi, the founder and the premier king of Ayede Ekiti. During Alimi and Afonja of Ilorin’s revolution against the central government in Oyo, Atta Esubiyi was the checkmate against the Fulani Jihadist hence his name ATTA derived from his able war friend and colleague ATTA N GARA, a war lord of Nupe in Tapaland.

Ayede is currently located between Isan And Itaji-Ekiti in Oye L. G. Of Ekiti State.


There are three distinct religious groups in the town. These are:

  • Christianity, predominantly Christians
  • Islam: Muslims are on the average.
  • Traditional


Ayede Ekiti men like other Ekitis are mainly farmers and hunters except for some few who are traders. Some combine both. They are majorly merchants in raw tobacco and tobacco products. They transport their merchandise to Lagos Island where they trade with other traders from all over especially the Ajases from Port-Novo, Igbominas from present day Kwara and the Tapa from Benue and Kogi States just to mention but few.

The majority of the women are petty traders while few could be considered successful business tycoons.


The following annual festivals are celebrated in Ayede:

  • Iyemonja Olokun Festival celebrated between late August and early September
  • Orisa Ojuna celebrated in early August
  • Orisa Iyagba celebrated between late August and early September
  • Oro Iyeye celebrated in late March
  • Agan