Ekiti West LGA

As the name implies Ekiti West Local Government Council can be located in the western part of Ekiti State it shows common boundary with the following council ifelodun/irepodun LGA, Ijero LGA and Efon Alaaye all in Ekiti State and as well Ila, and oriade LGA in Osun State.

Most of the lands in the Local Government Area are undulating in shape. This are more pronounced in Okemesi, Ido-Ile, Ipole-Iloro, Erio and Ikogosi. This town are surrounded by rugged hills. There is a pronounced long geographical ridge which separated Ido-Ile from Okemesi. This long ridge divides entire Local Government Area into two equal parts with Ipole-Iloro in the in the Western parts and Erio, Ikogosi and Erijiyan in the southern part.

The type of unique landscape gives rise to natural features such as Ikogosi warm spring and Ipole-Iloro waterfalls.

The population of Ekiti West Local Government was estimated as 139,139 by the 1991 population census with a projection of 203,521.

Towns & Villages

  1. Ikogosi Ekiti
    • Olusegun Camp
    • Oriokuta Camp
    • Aba Osun
  2. Erijiyan Ekiti
    • Asa Oloro
    • Abuja Camp
    • Surulere
    • Oriokuta Camp
    • Kajola Camp
    • Ajebamidele 1
    • Araromi Oke Aro
    • Surulere
    • Ajayi Oke
    • Ajayi Odo
    • Temidire Camp
    • Orisumibare Camp
    • Ajebamidele Ii
    • Kosubu Town
  3. Aramoko Ekiti
    • Ita Oko Aba Camp
    • Igbo Eku Camp
    • Igao Camp
    • Ugbo Ujo Camp
  4. Erio Ekiti
    • Oloro Camp
    • Alage Farm Settlement
    • Odo Sam Camp
    • Agbede Camp
    • Alage Camp
    • Asunokunrin
    • Ajebamidele Camp Ii
    • Okooloba
    • Somefun Camp
    • Titiloye Camp
    • Olukotun Camp
    • Anaye Farm
    • Alafegun Camp
    • Oba Odo Farm
    • Ajindo Camp
    • Eegunle
    • Alaite Camp
    • Olaifo
    • Elesisan Camp
    • Epinrin Kerekan Camp
    • Epinrin Ogbogi
    • Ogborodo Camp
    • Aja Ijamosan
    • Adegoke Camp
    • Abayimodo Camp
    • K & S Agbode Camp
    • Elerio Camp
    • Aniyeloye Camp
    • Uyibaba Isale Camp
    • Saloro Camp
    • Ada Camp
    • Awosin Camp
  5. Okemesi Ekiti
    • Ibidiran Camp
    • Ajibode Camp
    • Ajademo Camp
    • Amile Camp
    • Asoju Camp
    • Olorun Camp
    • Aworo Ose Camp
    • Saode Camp
    • Joseph Idowu Camp
  6. Ido-Ile Ekiti
    • Ojejelu Camp
    • Ita Ido Camp
    • Ile Ona Settlement
    • Araromi Camp
    • Ipole Iloro


There are 66 public primary schools, 13 public junior and senior secondary schools, 4 private secondary schools in the local government. The private secondary schools in the Local Government are:

Primary Scools

  1. St James Primary School, Ipole-Iloro
  2. Comm. Primary School Kajola, Ipole-Iloro
  3. A.U.D Primary School, Ipole-Iloro
  4. St Bridget’s Cath. Primary School, Ipole-Iloro
  5. St John’s CAC Primary School, Ipole-Iloro
  6. Baptist Primary School, Ikogosi
  7. St Luke’s CAC Primary School, Erijiran-ekiti
  8. Ang. L.A, United Primary School, Erijiyan- Ekiti
  9. St Patrick’s Cath. Primary School, Erijiyan-ekiti
  10. A.U.D Primary School, Erijiyan-ekiti
  11. Comm. Primary School Kajola Ajebamidele, Erijiyan
  12. Comm. Primary School Surulere, Erijiyan
  13. L.A Primary School, Ajaye Aramoko
  14. Comm. Primary School Kajola, Aramoko-ekiti
  15. Comm. Primary School Ile-Ona, Aramoko
  16. Comm. Primary School Ajebamidele, Aramoko
  17. Comm. Primary School Alafe, Aramoko
  18. Comm. Primary School Oke-Aaro, Aramoko
  19. Comm. Primary School Akola, Aramoko
  20. St Philips’s CAC Primary School, Erio
  21. A.U.D Primary School, Erio
  22. St Annes Cath. Primary School Aramoko
  23. St Stephen’s Cath. Primary School, Aramoko
  24. St Andrew’s Ang. Primary School Aramoko
  25. St Joseph’s CAC Primary School Aramoko
  26. St James Ang. Primary School Aramoko
  27. A.U.D Primary School, Aramoko
  28. Baptist  Primary School, Aramoko
  29. St. Philip’s Anglican School,  Aramoko
  30. Community Primary School, Ararnoko
  31. Community Primary School, Erijiyan
  32. St. John’s Primary School, Ido-Ile
  33. St. Theresa’s Cath. Primary School, Ido-Ile
  34. L.A. Primary School, Ajindo
  35. Sirajudeen Primary School, Okemesi
  36. St. Michael’s “A” Primary School, Okemisi
  37. St. Michael’s “A” Primary School, Okemisi
  38. St. Peter’s Cath Primary School, Okemesi
  39. Baptist Primary School, Okemesi
  40. L.A. Primary School, Okemesi
  41. St. Paul’s Primary School, Okemesi
  42. Community Primary School, Okemesi
  43. Osun Community Primary School, Ikogosi
  44. Community Primary School, Asa Oriokuta, Ikogosi
  45. St. Luke’s CAC Primary School, Ido-ile
  46. St. John’s Cath. Primary School, Aramoko
  47. St. Augustine’s Cath Primary School, Aramoko
  48. St. John’s Primary School, Okemesi
  49. St. Paul’s CAC Primary School, Ararmoko
  50. St. Michael’s CAC Primary School, Aramoko
  51. St Mark’s Ang Primary School, Erio
  52. Community Primary School, Ikogosi
  53. Community Primary School, Orisumibabre, Aramoko
  54. Community Primary School, Igbehin Ile-Aaro, Erijiyan
  55. Araromi Community Primary School, Ipole-Iloro
  56. St. Michael’s United Primary School, Aramoko
  57. St. David’s Primary School, Okemesi
  58. St. David’s Primary School, Ido-Ile
  59. St Stephen’s Ang. Primary School, Erio
  60. Christ Light Primary School, Aramoko
  61. The Apostolic Primary School, Okemesi
  62. Community Primary School, Abuja, Erijinyan
  63. Community Primary School, Egbeja, Okemesi
  64. SUBEB Model Nursery and Primary School, Erio
  65. Community Primary School, Iwaro, Erijiyan
  66. Community Primary School, Kajola, Erijiyan.

Public Secondary Schools

  1. Ajinare Grammar school, Ido-Ile
  2. Community High School, Okemesi
  3. Community High School Ile-Ona-Via, Aramoko
  4. Ipole-Iloro Commercial Grammar School, Aramoko
  5. Edu High School, Erio
  6. Erin-Ayonigba High School, erijiyan
  7. Ikogosi High School, Ikogosi
  8. Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi
  9. Fabunmi Memorial High School, Okemesi
  10. Community High School, Erijiyan
  11. Anamoye High School, Aramoko
  12. Community Grammar School, Aramoko
  13. Adico Secondary School, Aramoko

Private Secondary Schools

  1. Omotayo Modern College, Okemesi
  2. Plain Truth College, Okemesi
  3. Bezelled College, Erijiyan
  4. Glory Model College, Aramoko

Health Care

The Ekiti West Local Government Area has two (2) General Hospitals, one at Okemesi and the other at Aramoko. The primary Health Facilities in the local government are:

  • Comprehensive Health Centre Iwaro, Along Efon Road, Aramoko
  • Basic Health Centre Oke-Oja, Along Erijiyan Road, Aramoko
  • Health Post Alafe, Along Akindana Street, Aramoko
  • Health Post Ajaye, Along Ado Road, Aramoko
  • Health Post Ajebamide, Along Ado Road, Aramoko
  • Health Post Ile-Ona, Along Igede Road
  • Health Post Kajola, Erijiyan Road
  • Health Post Aba Osun, Ikogosi
  • Health Post Odeyemi Surulere, Ikogosi
  • Primary Health Care Erijiyan Model, Erijiyan
  • Health Post Ogburu, Igbara Odo Road
  • Comprehensive Health Centre Ido-Ile, New Okemesi Road, Ido-Ile
  • Comprehensive Health Centre, Palace Road, Ikogosi
  • Basic Health Centre, Off Igara Road, Ikogosi
  • Basic Health Center, Erio
  • SUBEB Clinic, Efon Road, Erio
  • Comprehensive Health Center Ido-Ile, New Okemesi Road, Ido
  • Basic Health Center Ido-Ile, Ita-Ore Road, Ido-Ile
  • Basic Health Center Ipole-Iloro, Waterfalls Road, Ipole-Iloro
  • Health Post Iloro, Iwaji Road, Ipole-Iloro
  • Health Post Araromi, Ogotun Road, Ipole-Iloro
  • Comprehensive Health Center Okemesi, Esa-Oke Road, Okemesi
  • Basic Health Center Okemesi, Itaore Road, Okemesi
  • Health Post Ajindo, Ikoro Imesi Road, Okemesi
  • Health Post Epinrin, Ikoro Imesi, Okemesi
  • Staff Clinic Ekiti West Local Government, Aramoko-Ekiti
  • Health Post Okoiro Okemesi, Ila Road, Okemesi