Ikole LGA

The Local Government is predominantly a homogenous society and carefully populated by Yoruba speaking people of the South West Zone of Nigeria. The Religious of the people are mainly Christian and Islamic religious while a percentage of the people are Traditional religion worshippers.

The thriving industries in the local government include Timber/Saw mills which include Olo Sawmill, Okejebu, Eleyero Sawmill, Ilamo and Ara Sawmill, Ara; Pharmacies which include Chuks Pharmacy and Okoli Pharmacy both located at Ikole.

The place in the Ikole Local Government that attracts tourists from all over is the Itapaji Water Dam, Itapaji-Ekiti.

Towns & Villages

The LGA comprises of twenty four town and villages. Towns that comprise the LGA are:

  1. Ikole
  2. Ijesha Isu
  3. Oke Ayedun
  4. Ootunja
  5. Odo-Oro
  6. Ipao
  7. Itapaji
  8. Ara
  9. Isaba
  10. Usin
  11. Orin Odo
  12. Odo Ayedun
  13. Ayebode
  14. Oke Ako
  15. Irele
  16. Iyemero
  17. Ikosi
  18. Igbona
  19. Asin
  20. Esun
  21. Temidire
  22. Ikunri
  23. Ijebu-Agege
  24. Ilamo

Among the villages in the LGA are:

  • Aba Dam
  • Ita Gbangba
  • Aba Audu
  • Aba Fatunla
  • Arinta
  • Aba Ebira, Ayedun
  • Aba oko Ijebu
  • Iwetin
  • Aba Oke Oko, Igbona

Population & Geographical Landscape

Geographically, Ikole Local Government is entirely within the tropic. It is located between longitude 45o East of Greenwich and latitude 7o – 8o – 15o North of the Equator. Its neighbours are Kwara State to the North, Kogi State to the North east, Ekiti East to the East, Gboyin Local Government in the South and Oye Local government in the West. The headquarters of the local government, Ikole Ekiti is about 22.5 kilometres from Ado – Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital. The local government is mainly on the upland zone rising to about 250 metres above the sea level.

The Local Government occupies an area of about 374,940kms of land and according to the 2006 National Population Census figure, the total population of the local government was 168,436; Male:87,976; Female: 80,460.


There are 65 primary schools, and 15 secondary schools in the local government. The primary schools in the local government are:

  1. Community Pry School 1, Itapaji Ekiti
  2. Community Pry School 2, Itapaji Ekiti
  3. St. Andrews Pry School , Odo Oro Ekiti
  4. St. Thomas Pry School, Odo – Oro – Ekiti
  5. all saints Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  6. A.U.D. Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  7. Methodist Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  8. Our Saviour’s Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  9. St. Paul’s Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  10. St. Peter’s Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  11. Irepodun Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  12. St. Peter’s Cath. Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  13. St. Paul’s Cath. Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  14. C.A.C. Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  15. St. Peter’s Ang. Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  16. Holy Apostolic Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  17. The Holy Apostolic Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  18. Community Pry School, Igbona Ekiti
  19. Baptist Day Pry School, Oke Ako Ekiti
  20. Community Pry School, Odo-Ugo
  21. Baptist Day Pry School, Irele Ekiti
  22. Baptist Day Pry School, Ipao Ekiti
  23. Community Pry School, Ayebode Ekiti
  24. St. Stephen’s Pry School, Ayebode Ekiti
  25. Our Saviour A/C Pry School, Ara Ekiti
  26. St. Joseph’s Pry School, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  27. Holy Trinity Pry School, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  28. Hosanna A/C Pry School 1, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  29. Hosanna A/C Pry School 2, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  30. Holy Trinity Pry School 2, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  31. Community Pry School, Ikoyi Ile Ekiti
  32. St. Louis Pry School 1, Esun Ekiti
  33. St. Mark’s Pry School, Ayedun Ekiti
  34. Methodist Pry School 1, Ayedun Ekiti
  35. St. Mary’s Pry School, Ayedun Ekiti
  36. St. Patrick’s Pry School, Ayedun Ekiti
  37. Methodist Pry School, Ayedun Ekiti
  38. St. John’s Pry School, Iyemero Ekiti
  39. E/S Nomadic Pry School, Oke Ako Ekiti
  40. St. James’ Pry School, Ikoyi Ekiti
  41. Community Pry School, Iwetin
  42. Community Pry School, Fatunla
  43. Ebira Community Pry School, Ita Gbangba
  44. Methodist Pry School 2, Odo Ayedun Ekiti
  45. Community Pry School, Odo Oro Ekiti
  46. St. Luke’s Pry School, Esun Ekiti
  47. Community Pry School, Orin Odo Ekiti
  48. Community Pry School, Oke Ako Ekiti
  49. Community Pry School, omu Aran, Ikoyi
  50. Adeyinka adebayo Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  51. St. Mary’s Pry School, Ayebode Ekiti
  52. The Holy Apostolic Pry School, Orin Odo Ekiti
  53. Community Pry School, Aba Audu
  54. Akole Pry School, Ikole Ekiti
  55. Community Pry School, Arinta
  56. ommunity Pry School, Irele Ekiti
  57. E\S Nomatic Pry School, Ootunja Ekiti
  58. A.U.D Pry School, Ipao Ekiti
  59. Itaoke Community Pry School, Ijebu Agege Ekiti
  60. All Saints Pry School, Okebola
  61. Community Pry School 2 Ipao Ekiti
  62. SUBEB Model Nursery and Pry school, Ikole Ekiti
  63. Community Pry School, Usin Ekiti
  64. Community Pry School, GG, Okela
  65. Community Pry School, Odo Oro Ekiti

Secondary Schools

  1. Comprehensive High School, Ayedun Ekiti
  2. Community High School, Orin Odo Ekiti
  3. Egbe Oba High School, Ikole Ekiti
  4. Community High School, Iyemero Ekiti
  5. Community High School, Itage Ayebode Ekiti
  6. Community High School, Ara Ekiti
  7. St. Mary’s Secondary school, Ara Ekiti
  8. Holy Apostolic High School, Ikole Ekiti
  9. Ansa ur Deen High School, Ikole Ekiti
  10. Community Comprehensive High School, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  11. Community High School, Irele Ekiti
  12. Community High School, Oke Ako Ekiti
  13. Irepodun High School, Ipao Ekiti
  14. Itapaji High School, Itapaji Ekiti
  15. Odo Oro Secondary School, Odo Oro Ekiti

Health Care

There are twenty (20) Primary Health Care Centres/Health Posts, one State Hospital, One General Hospital jointly owned by the state and the local governments, one Missionary Hospital and four private hospitals.

The public Hospitals in the Local Government Area are:

  1. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ikole Ekiti
  2. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ayedun Ekiti
  3. Odo Oro Health Centre, Odo Oro Ekiti
  4. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ijesa Isu Ekiti
  5. Asin Health Centre, Asin Ekiti
  6. Itapaji Health Centre, Itapaji Ekiti
  7. Ipao Health Centre, Ipao Ekiti
  8. Ara Health Centre, Ara Ekiti
  9. Oke Ako Health Centre, Oke Ako Ekiti
  10. Iyemero Health Centre, Iyemero Ekiti
  11. Ayebode Health Centre, Ayebode Ekiti
  12. Irele Health Centre, Irele Ekiti
  13. Staff Clinic, Ikole Ekiti
  14. Market Clinic, Ikole Ekiti
  15. Fatunla Health Post, Fatunla
  16. Ikoyi Ile Health Post, Ile Ekiti
  17. Aba Oyo Health Post, Aba Oyo
  18. Cold Chain / Adelabu Dispensary, Ikole Ekiti
  19. Arabire Health Centre, Odo Ayedun Ekiti
  20. Ootunja Health Post, Ootunja Ekiti

The Private Hospitals in Ikole Local Government Area are:

  1. Kolayemi Medical Centre, Ara Road, Ikole Ekiti
  2. Ademolawe Memorial Hospital, Ijebu – Agege Ekiti
  3. Bisi Basic Clinic, Odo Ayedun Ekiti
  4. Titilope Clinic, Esun Ekiti