Tourism, Arts and Culture

The Bureau of Tourism, Art, and Culture is a newly created bureau saddled with the responsibility of ensuring adequate promotion, preservation, and documentation of cultural values and heritages of Ekiti State

The Bureau is divided into Finance & Account; Administration & Supply; Culture & Troupe; Arts, Antiques; and Tourism Departments.

Our Vision

To make Ekiti State a destination of choice for visitors and tourists alive for relaxation and business through the promotion of Tourism Art and Culture.

Our Mission

To make Tourism a dynamic and viable tool for the promotion of Ekiti State vast cultural heritage and natural endowments as well as for the generation of foreign and local investments, with a view to sustaining the economics growth of the State through the provision of opportunities to a large number of unemployed citizen and some as a boaster of poverty alleviation..


  1. Promotion of Tourism and Historical sites of Ekiti State.
  2. Preservation and presentation of Cultural values of Ekiti State.
  3. Development of museum inputs and gallery of Arts
  4. Documentation, calendarization and inventorization of both tangible and intangible cultural/Tourism heritage of Ekiti State.
  5. Development and preservation of monuments and Artifacts potentials of Ekiti State.
  6. Regulatory and registration efforts on the Hospitality industries in Ekiti e.g. Hotels, eateries, restaurants, guest house etc.
  7. Planning, Research, Statistics and Budgetary  of the Bureau’s programmes and projects.
Name Designation
             – Commissioner
Mr. Mich Yomi Longe Coordianting Director
M.A. Omotade S. O. Director, DAS
Mr. Abegunde Sesan Director, Cultural Troupe
Mr. Adelusi Banji Director, Arts
Mr. Aina J.O. Director, Finance and Administration
Mr. J. O. Ogunsola Director, Tourism Centre
Mrs. Toyin Oyadeyi Director, Tourism Infra. Development