Rural Development & Community Empowerment

Established in October 1996 as part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development following the creation of Ekiti State. The Ministry of Rural Development was culled out from the parent Ministry in 2008. The Ministry is saddled with the responsibility of fast tracking the transformation of rural areas to liveable milieu through aggressive socio-economic and rural infrastructural development.

The Ministry is divided into Finance and Administration; Planning, Research & Statistics; Rural Infrastructure; Community & Economic Development; and Social Services Departments.

The Ministry also has the following Units operating within it:

  1. Information Unit
  2. Rural Transportation Unit
  3. Agric & Micro Credit Unit
  4. FAMA Agro-Climatological Unit

In continuation of its efforts at transforming the rural areas of Ekiti State, the Ministry projects to:

  • Construct rural roads
  • Construct bridges
  • Construct lined hand dug wells

Our Vision

To fast track the transformation of rural areas to liveable milieu through aggressive socio-economic and rural infrastructural development

Our Mission

  1. To create/provide enabling environment for the people in the rural areas who mainly are farmers.
  2. To serve as a means of accelerating development at the grassroots by providing socio amenities and infrastructural development such as; provision of drinkable water, rural roads, health services, rural schools, rural markets and micro credits.


  1. Formulating and dissemination of policies on rural development.
  2. Collection, collation, analyzing and disseminating research to rural development.
  3. Promoting the development and maintenance of rural infrastructural facilities.
  4. Creating forum for bringing together the relevant stakeholders in rural development.
  5. Assisting the small-scale farmers in the rural areas to make use of available opportunities for optimal production to better their lots.
  6. Promoting of an enabling environment for achieving economic development in the rural areas.
  7. Mobilization/sensitization of the rural dwellers on the scourge of HIV/AIDs and how to mitigate its effects.
Name Designation
             – Commissioner
Mrs. F. A. Oke Permanent Secretary
Mr. Dipo Ogunkayode Snr. Special Assistant
Mr. E. O. Owolabi Administrative Secretary
Mr. I. O. Ajayi Director, Finance & Admin
Mr. E. S. Agunbiade Director, Community & Economic Development
Mr. R. B. Ogundele Director, Planning, Research & Statistics
Engr. A. S. Akinola Director, Rural Infrastructure
Mr. J. B. Ilori Director, Social Services
Engr. A. O. Ilesanmi Deputy Director, Rural Infrastructure
Mr. S. W. R. Ogunmosunle Deputy Director, Planning Resarch & Statistics
Mr. S. A. Adeyanju Deputy Director, Community & Economic Development
Mr. Abiodun Ogunrinde Deputy Director, Social Services
Name Designation Period
Hon. Tale Oguntoyinbo Special Adviser 2010 – 2013
Dr. Gboyega Isinjola Special Adviser 2008 – 2009
Hon. Sola Omolayo Snr. Special Assistant 2008 – 2009
Hon. Taiwo Olatunbosun Snr. Special Assistant 2008 – 2009
Hon. Kayode Babade Snr. Special Assistant 2008 – 2009
Hon. Abiodun Bamiteko Commissioner 2009 – 2010
Mr. E. O. Fagbemi Permanent Secretary 2009 – 2010
Mr Folorunso Olabode Commissioner 2010 – 2014