Office of Transformation, Strategy and Delivery

Office of Transformation, Strategy and Delivery (OTSD) is an office recently developed in partnership with one of the leading development partners in the country with the aim of re-shaping how government functions, re-engineering its processes and systems in order to ensure implementation of government’s developmental programmes in a more effective and efficient manner.

OTSD focuses on quick-win actions that ensure the delivery of the agenda of the administration, and longer term visioning and strategic thinking of various development alternatives that guarantee sustainable and accelerated improvement in the lives of the people.

The Office has four key areas of focus: innovation, change management, service delivery, and tracking implementation of government’s agenda across the MDAs.

Contact Details
Old Deputy-Governor’s Office
Oke-Bareke, Ado-Ekiti

Vision & Mission

To be the central Agent of Government that will ensure institutional framework for efficient and effective service delivery of the cardinal programs of the state Government to the entire Citizenry.


Ensuring efficient and effective implementation and delivery of the State Governor’s 6 Cardinal Programs.


  1. To support the Head of Service’s mandate in ensuring effective service delivery of the government’s programs in the Civil Service;
  2. To build ethical and accountable workforce with a changed work culture;
  3. To stimulate new ideas in the state and promote creativity and innovation in the state Public Service in order to improve the competences of the public service;
  4. To work closely with the Civil Service Transformation Strategy Steering Committee to ensure progress and monitoring of public officers for effective service delivery in the state;
  5. To serve as Secretarial of Technical Committee on Civil Service Transformation Strategy;
  6. To make services rendered by public servants result oriented and satisfactory to the entire citizenry;
  7. To make regular appraisal of service delivery by all MDAs and LGAs and proffer strategies for improvement;
  8. To establish a system where the State Government can easily assess the impact of her programs on the citizens;
  9. To obtain information on the feelings of the public about government deliverables and communicate same to the appropriate Government Agencies;
  10. To eliminate delay in government business process and procedures;
  11. To revitalize public institutions such as Health, Education, Utility, e.t.c. for prompt service delivery.

OTSD is headed by a Commissioner. Reporting directly to him are two Co-ordinators: the Director, Finance and Administration, and the Technical Support team.The Co-ordinators supervise the two core units of OTSD; and the Director, Finance and Administration supervises the administrative component of OTSD.

OTSD has two key units: Public Policy and Strategy; and Delivery. The Public Policy & Strategy unit headed by a Co-ordinator composes of the following sections:

  1. Innovations & Research
  2. Change Management
  3. Service Delivery

Affiliated Agencies:- Ensuring Service Delivery across all the MDAs in the state.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Spearheading the Ministries’/Extra-Ministerial Departments’ or Parastatals’ Service Delivery Initiatives through adherence to the template made available by Bureau of Transformation, Service Delivery and Strategy and agreed upon by all;
  2. Reviewing and Monitoring performance of activities from the MDAs i.e. returns on capital projects,
    collation of monthly report of activities across MDAs;
  3. Managing the MDAs Customer Relation Policy including providing opportunities for feedback on services from the public;
  4. Ensuring the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the MDAs performance of its functions;
  5. Providing a comprehensive and effective training policy for Nodal Officers across MDAs quarterly;
  6. Managing links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on Service Delivery, Customer Care/Relations, etc;
  7. Facilitating a safe and conducive working environment for staff at levels of service delivery.

Principal Officers

Name Designation
Prof. Mobolaji Aluko Director General/Special Adviser
Mr. Ogunsakin Olatunji SSA Evaluation and ICT
Mr. Olowoporoku Deji SSA Policy and Strategy
Mr. Ogundiran Olayinka Leo SSA to DG/Special Adviser
Mrs Bukola Faluyi DAS
Mr. Adedara Z. Bukola CEO (Accounts)
Mrs Isijola Bukola SAS
Mrs Owolabi Cecilia Folake PEO 1
Mr. Agboola Abiodun A. PEO
Mr. Adeniyi Adedayo A. PIO