State Auditor General

Vision & Mission

To promote good governance


To Audit with Integrity and Enhance Transparency and Accountability.

The function of the office of the Auditor-General as embedded in Section 125(2-6) in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is as follows.

  1. Auditing of all public accounts and all courts in the State.
  2. Auditing of all persons and or bodies entrusted with public funds.
  3. Submission of timely reports on audited accounts to the State House of Assembly for the consideration of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the House of Assembly.
  4. Conducting periodic checks on the accounts of the State Parasitical or Board and Commission.
  5. Providing list of qualified Accountant as external auditor to audit the accounts of the State Corporation, Commission, Agencies and other bodies established by law of the State.
  6. Conducting Performance Audit on Government Organisations to determine and ensure effectiveness, efficiency and economy of such organisations.
  7. Ensuring that all revenue accruing to the Government are accounted for and well expended.
  8. Ensure that all necessary books of accounts are kept and maintained as required.

Principal Officers

Name Designation
Mr.Dainel Kayode Alaba Auditor-General
Mr. Fasakin K.A Deputy, A.G Head quarters
Mr. Bamikole E.A Director, Government Acct. I
Mr. Adefila R.T Director, Government Acct. II
Mr. Adebayo J.O Director Monitoring & Project Evaluation
Mr. Owoyomi S.S Director Outstations
Mrs. Oke V.I Deputy Director Government Acct II
Mr. Adeuya V.O Deputy Director C&GA
Mr. Ojo Idowu Olubolaji Deputy Director Government Acct I
Mr. Ifelola Oluwatayo .O Deputy Director PM&SA