State Auditor General

Vision:To promote good governance.


To Audit with Integrity and Enhance Transparency and Accountability.

Functions:The function of the office of the Auditor-General as embedded in Section 125(2-6) in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is as follows.

  • Auditing of all public accounts and all courts in the State.
  • Auditing of all persons and or bodies entrusted with public funds.
  • Submission of timely reports on audited accounts to the State House of Assembly for the consideration of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the House of Assembly.
  • Conducting periodic checks on the accounts of the State Parasitical or Board and Commission.
  • Providing list of qualified Accountant as external auditor to audit the accounts of the State Corporation, Commission, Agencies and other bodies established by law of the State.
  • Conducting Performance Audit on Government Organisations to determine and ensure effectiveness, efficiency and economy of such organisations.
  • Ensuring that all revenue accruing to the Government are accounted for and well expended.
  • Ensure that all necessary books of accounts are kept and maintained as required.
Name Designation
Mr.Dainel Kayode Alaba Auditor-General
Mr. Fasakin K.A Deputy, A.G Head quarters
Mr. Bamikole E.A Director, Government Acct. I
Mr. Adefila R.T Director, Government Acct. II
Mr. Adebayo J.O Director Monitoring & Project Evaluation
Mr. Owoyomi S.S Director Outstations
Mrs. Oke V.I Deputy Director Government Acct II
Mr. Adeuya V.O Deputy Director C&GA
Mr. Ojo Idowu Olubolaji Deputy Director Government Acct I
Mr. Ifelola Oluwatayo .O Deputy Director PM&SA
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